People who know Ravada Vijaya Kumar remember him as a man who never said no as an answer to whoever approached him for help. Ravada Foundation was established by him and works on his ideals. Its services are varied, diversified and many in number.


Ravada Foundation is a dream once realised, it helps in realising the dreams of numerous students. Education is the top priority of Ravada Foundation and today it helps students from modest backgrounds with financial aid and awards scholarship to needy and meritorious students. Ravada Foundation is spreading literacy through its activities.


Most of the Indians are living below poverty line and cannot afford minimum health care needs and surgeries are out of reach. Ravada Foundation support the needy by funding surgeries and conducting medical camps. Many of the hospitals which run on charities are supported by Ravada Foundation.

Arts, Music and Culture

Ravada Foundation contributes to the field of arts by felicitating and supporting financially, the forgotten, troubled stage and cine artists, also musicians. It conducts many events which spread Indian culture.