“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy”

Our Founder

Shri Ravada Vijaya Kumar was born in one month old independent India in the state of Andhra Pradesh on 15th of September 1947. Many of his ancestors quit their professions and joined the war of independence. His father, Ravada Gopala Krishna, an officer in Indian Army, fought three wars and his mother Amma Rao who looked after Vijaya Kumar while his father was serving at the border were a great influence on him. Apart from them, his maternal uncle who served in the police service and whom he stayed with for his education also motivated him. He studied in Parvatipuram, Vizianagaram and completed his high school in Bangalore. His family included noted academicians with whose inspiration and influence he went to Nizam College, Hyderabad and graduated with an arts degree.

After his education, Vijaya Kumar started his career with Coromandel Fertilizers, Vizag in early 70’s. He later went to Ahmedabad/Delhi to work in IFFCO. His career growth doubled when he joined Tata Steel (TISCO) in Jamshedpur. He worked there for a period of ten years in various positions and was complimented for his teamwork, managerial and leadership skills. He served as secretary of ADL(Andhra Dramatic And Literary Society), where, out of concern and interest towards our culture, he organized many events and encouraged stage artists and musicians.

The year 1977 changed him and his destiny for the rest of his life. It was the year when the villages of Krishna delta were struck by a terrific cyclone. Few villages like Diviseema in coastal Andhra Pradesh were affected severely. Thousands lost their lives and tens of thousands lost their loved ones, homes, agricultural lands, cattle etc. Responding to the call of the then Prime Minister Ms. Indira Gandhi, Tatas took up the responsibility to help, reconstruct and bring back life to normal in the cyclone affected areas near Machilipatnam. Known for his abilities, dedication and leadership, Vijaya Kumar was given responsibility of rebuilding living facilities and setting up rehabilitation centres. When he arrived there to help, he was devastated by the sight of deaths and shattered lives of those who survived. There he came across many stories of sorrow and encountered many hurdles. He learnt the importance of serving people. For a few months he left his professional and family life to serve the affected people. He led his team successfully and not only accomplished what he is assigned with but also volunteered in various other activities intended to help the people. Facets called humanity and compassion were added to his life and this phase influenced and changed him.

He moved on with his life and shifted to Hyderabad in 1985 and worked in many responsible positions but he never let go the aspect of serving people. He helped needy students with financial aid to pursue their education and people who needed financial support for medical care. He funded many eye surgeries. Education and health care were his priorities later when he started the foundation. He established Ravada Foundation in 2005 to institutionalise his ideologies.


Ravada Vijaya Kumar passed away in the year of 2010 but left behind a great legacy in the form of Ravada Foundation. Today the activities of Ravada Foundation are carried out by his progeny, friends, well wishers, civil servants as well as politicians who were influenced by his ideology.